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Managed Services


Is your core business IT or is it something else?
Your business likely uses technology for many aspects of serving your customers. There is very little business conducted today without some technology support. Ever changing technology and means by which to support technology may not be where you want to spend your time and precious intellectual and financial capital.

Business Solutions' core business is IT.
Our Managed Services relieves you of keeping up with the day to day worry of managing technology and keeping it available to your customers and staff. We allow you and your staff to focus on your core competency and strategic use of technology by providing proactive monitoring and comprehensive management of your IT infrastructure. We also have new ways to provide infrastructure and increase your ability to keep the business running even in the face of natural or man-made disaster. All of this while reducing your budget to a fixed and manageable monthly fee.

Single Portal

Our Managed Services provides a single point to monitor and manage across all of your IT infrastructure including:

  • Your data center or office
  • In the "cloud"
  • Hosted by a third party provider (like a collocation facility).

Best Practices

Use our Managed Services when your organization:

  • Is experiencing rapid growth
  • Requires deep technical expertise in specific areas
  • Needs to augment your current staff during budget or tightening.

Please refer to the following product sheets for a more more detailed description of our Managed Services offerings.

Managed Service Benefits

* Reduced Ownership Costs

The traditional IT environment has many hidden and variable costs associated with upgrades, patches and staffing. Business Solutions replaces this uncertainty and risk with one fixed monthly cost, thus providing a predictable budget.

* 24 x 7 Monitoring and Response

With Business Solutions' Managed Services, all of your IT assets will be monitored on a 24x7 basis. You can rest assured that any technology issues that occur with be taken care expeditiously at any hour of the day or night.

* Monitor and Manage All of Your Technology

Business Solutions can monitor and manage your complete IT environment including Windows, Exchange, Networking (VPN, firewall, routers, switches, etc), MS SQLServer, Unix, Linux, Oracle, VOIP, Application Servers and much more.

* Acquire and Integrate New Technology

It is difficult and costly to integrate new technology into an existing IT environment. With Business Solutions' Managed Services, the burden of configuring and integrating new technologies is taken off your shoulders.

* Reduced Capital Outlay

Move your focus from Capital Expenditures to Operational Expenditures. Business Solutions' Managed Services and Managed Hosting allow you to purchase the capacity and support when you need it while providing a means to downside when you don't.